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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) does one thing and one thing only – makes sure your content has the best possible chance of being seen by those who are looking for it.  That’s it.  It won’t make you more money, and it’s not the answer to all of your business problems…

…but without SEO, you are dead in the water.  Very few people will know about your products and services, and most likely no one will find them on the Internet.

…but there is another benefit of SEO that isn’t often discussed – oftentimes businesses can get click-through traffic at a much lower Cost Per Click (CPC) than they can with regular paid search (PPC).  That means your advertising and marketing budgets can go farther, increasing your ROI.

Our SEO implementations employ a three-step, “white hat” process that is aligned with the webmaster guidelines for the major search engines (like Google, Yahoo and Bing):

      1.       Keyword Research – identifying those keywords that support your business objectives

      2.       On-Page Optimization – ensuring that your keywords are appropriately represented in your actual page content, as well as in your meta tags and page code

      3.       Off-Page Optimization – helping other sites find and point back to your specific web pages, thereby increasing the visibility and “traffic” to your content

We have four service options to choose from, depending on your specific business objectives and the competitiveness of your markets; we will work with you to help you understand what you need for you’re the markets you want to target:

      ·         Bronze:

o   Up to 5 keywords / markets

o   Build 10 high-quality, in-bound links to your targeted content

      ·         Silver:

o   5 – 9 keywords / markets

o   Build 15 – 18 high-quality, in-bound links to your targeted content

      ·         Gold:

o   10 – 15 keywords / markets

o   Build 19 – 25 high-quality, in-bound links to your targeted content


      ·         Custom:

o   More than 15 keywords / markets

o   Build more than 25 high-quality, in-bound links to your targeted content; specific number of links to be determined based on the goals of the campaign