Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

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Also known as “Pay Per Click” (PPC), “Contextual Advertising” or “We’ll-Get-You-On-The-First-Page-Of-Google-Tomorrow!”, this is a fast way to get results – and following our approach ensures that you get the broadest possible coverage in the most cost-effective manner.

We recommend clients allocate between $2,000 – $5,000/month, for a two or three month testing period.  During that time, our team of Advertising Specialists will work in real-time to determine your market’s actual response to specific combinations of headlines, ad copy, landing pages and campaign offers.  At the end of the testing period, you will be able to forecast your ROI for your PPC campaign and confidently drive results.

…any other approach will most likely leave you frustrated and your wallet lighter. 

SEM can drive good results fairly quickly, but is best employed with one of our SEO offerings. SEM will give you fast, short-term ranking results – but once you stop paying for the clicks, your presence goes away.  SEO will help you drive that long-term, unpaid click traffic to your website.

The average click-through rate of a paid search listing (worldwide) was 2% (Covario, January, 20911), so unless you have the budget to do both, we recommend that you start your SEO work first, and plan on incorporating your SEM activities two to three months after that.  That way, your website is properly set up to receive all of the targeted visitors you will be bringing to your website.

Watch this video to learn more about our SEM approach: