Online Video

In 2009, Forrester Research released a report showing that more than 80% of marketers planned to significantly increase their use of online video (along with SEO and Mobile Marketing), at the expense of more traditional direct mail and display advertising.

Businesses are now more comfortable with using these formats than they were just a few years ago – and online video has never been more cost-effective than it is today.

Nothing connects your business with your prospect's mind than personal, one-on-one interaction; everybody knows that.

…but what about those times when you can't be there in person?

Online video is the answer.  The fact that it's "always available" means you can now create your message and speak to your audience – without even being there!  You can send a well-crafted sales message to your audience…you can deliver a clarifying message about a product or service (much like we've done throughout this website)…you can even have a regular "video blog" in addition to any written content you create…or, you can educate your clients through a serious of video-based messages.

A medium that is instantly engaging and builds relationship with your clients, online video is something that needs to be incorporated into your marketing mix.