Blogging and Content Creation

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Blogs were one of the first ways your prospects and customers could engage and interact with a company, and they continue to be valuable to this day…but now they have the added benefit of increasing the amount of good, quality content on your website, which helps educate your market, position your expertise and boost the overall effectiveness of your SEO efforts.

40% of companies have a blog and those who regularly use it as part of their marketing arsenal see a real impact on sales.  Blogs help customers decide on a product or service, further refine their purchasing choices and provide support or answers to their inquiries.

If you don’t have a blog – or you do but do not regularly update it – you are hurting your sales production.  Companies that have active blogs get more visitors – over 50% more than those companies that do not have blogs, and get more than 80% more leads than those who don’t.  Blogs help your market “get to know you”, what you can provide – and also give your prospects insight into what it might be like to interact with you.

..and according to a 2010 study by Hubspot, companies that blog anywhere from once a week to multiple times per day get 70% – 90% more qualified leads than those companies that only blog once a month or less.

Could you find the time to blog more frequently, if you knew it would bring you more sales?  What would that kind of production be worth to your company?

See if one of our blogging packages can help you increase reach – or if you have something else in mind, contact us and one of our specialists will get in touch with you to further discuss your needs.