Automated Marketing and Lead Capture

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Having a “brochure site” was acceptable in 1998 – but not today.  Web visitors are sharing / tweeting / liking / scanning / evaluating online content every second they are on the web.  Your site needs to engage your visitors and help them find what they are looking for – NOT whatever it is you are trying to sell.  We’ll make sure your online presence gives them the best view of this by:

  1.  Installing and configuring one or more “lead capture” forms on your website
  2.  Help you customize your marketing message – what sets you apart from your competitors?
  3.  Launch a 6 or 12-month email newsletter campaign to your customers and prospects
  4. Provide a supporting, direct marketing follow-up campaign (monthly, seasonal or service-specific (i.e. – oil change every 3 months, tire rotations, etc.))

Every unique visitor to your website is a potential customer looking to get their problem solved. Implementing our lead capture systems will help you start creating the relationship with them, the first time they come to your site.